[squeak-dev] Theme colours (was Re: [Please Review] Some updates for resize grips)

Torge Husfeldt torge.husfeldt at gmx.de
Mon Jan 7 15:25:13 UTC 2019


On 05.01.19 00:13, tim Rowledge wrote:
>> On 2019-01-04, at 2:39 PM, Chris Muller <asqueaker at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Marcel,
>> As we derive colors from other colors, it seems like the "Dark" themes will generally be consistently the inverse of the normal daytime themes.  Like, in this example,  AbstractResizerMorph>>#handleColor defaults to "muchDarker".
> For themes where there is a need for darker or lighter depending on the intent of the theme, rather than being specific in a confusing manner  - ie actually using #darker etc - might it help to refer to something on a different axis? For example #stronger & #softer could be used in a bright or a dark theme to refer to the progression of colour without any reliance on the specific theme needs. Sort of an abstraction of intent. Give a theme a collection of colours and set the middle as 'normal'. Or have an algorithm specific to the theme. Or both, depending on the nice new Chronology state :-)

Nice thought, but probably the color could not determine the "intent" on 
its own, right?
So the solution would be probably along the lines of
Color>>stronger: aTheme
^aTheme isDark ifTrue:[self darker ] ifFlase:[self lighter]

So you still need to be able to ask the Theme about its darkness.
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Just my 2 cents

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