[squeak-dev] Hook for logging the version number of last successful update from trunk?

H. Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 15:13:04 UTC 2019


I am updating an image from Squeak6.0a-17330.

At the moment I use the command

     MCMcmUpdater doUpdateUpTo: 17350

to do it is small increments as I get an emergency evaluator (see screen shot).
Reverting the last method change is to sufficient to find out which
was the version number of the last successful update.

So I am looking for a hook to log the version number of the last
successful update to the console. This will allow me to identify the
version number of the update which causes problems.

I then can redo the update just before that update and save the image
and do a step by step analysis of the problem.

My suggestion is that this number should be logged by default to make
it easier to find update errors.

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