[squeak-dev] Refactoring browser loading

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Jan 16 19:20:47 UTC 2019

I had a mind to try loading the refactoring browser (see http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/RefactoringToolsForSqueak.html/Overview?_s=52NK9gjdy81WlQ51&_k=wKVVyVYhknD_y4GY) but none of the three methods mentioned for loading it actually work in a current image.

The Installer code snippet initially fails because an InstallerURL dNU #project:.

The Gofer snippet won't work because Gofer does not exist in the image.

Opening the MC repository works but loading the  ConfigurationOfRefactoringTools-topa.1 does nothing and attempting to load the latest  RefactoringTools-eem.7 fails with many complaints about classes needing loading first.

Fixing the Installer snippet to refer to squeaksource3 @http://ss3.gemtalksystems.com/ss/ instead of using the obsolete http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/ makes a promising start but very quickly opens the same error as simply trying to load RefactoringTools-eem.7

What have I messed up?

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