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Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 18:19:48 UTC 2019

Subject: [squeak-dev] Building Voronoi diagragram

> Hello,

> Would anyone have a ready-to-use implementation of Fortune's sweep line
> algorithm for generating Voronoi diagrams?

> There is a useful Voronoi package on SqueakMap, but Fortune's method is
> much faster.

> Stef

If you google computational geometry workbench you will find references
to the Computational Geometry Workbench developed at
               Carleton University,   Ottawa Canada.
It was developed in Smalltalk V in the 1980s.  A port to Smalltalk 80
was started
but never finished.  It contained many computational geometry algorithm
implementations including for Voronoi diagrams but I don't know which
ones.  So if you can dig up the workbench you might find an implementation
of Fortune's method there.

If you dig up the workbench let me know.  I would like to grab some of the
code in the workbench too (I need to be able to triangulate a polygon).
It would also be cool to see the workbench ported to Squeak.
I would be willing to help with such a port but only as a minor contributer as
I already have enough on my plate.

Ralph Boland

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