[squeak-dev] Triangulation was: Re: (no subject)

Herbert K├Ânig herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Jan 24 20:58:42 UTC 2019

Hi Ralph,

in Squeak 3.6 and 3.8 there is class Subdivision with the comment:

"I perform (constraint) delauney triangulations on a set of points. See 
my class side for examples."

I know I once used it I guess in 3.6 but can't find that image anymore.



Am 24.01.2019 um 19:19 schrieb Ralph Boland:
> code in the workbench too (I need to be able to triangulate a polygon).

> It would also be cool to see the workbench ported to Squeak.
> I would be willing to help with such a port but only as a minor contributer as
> I already have enough on my plate.
> Ralph Boland

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