[squeak-dev] Server timeouts and 504 return codes

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Sun Jan 27 23:00:25 UTC 2019

On Sun, 27 Jan 2019, Chris Muller wrote:

>>>>> That would also let us save bandwidth by not downloading files already
>>>>> sitting in the client's package cache.
>>>> How so?  Isn't the package-cache checked before hitting the server at
>>>> all?  It certainly should be.
>>> No, it's not. Currently that's not possible, because different files can
>>> have the same name. And currently we have no way to tell them apart.
> Even still, we could check the package-cache first, open up the one
> with that name and see if its teh correct UUID...

UUIDs may work, but hashes have the advantage that the tools don't have to 
know about the internals of the packages.
Also, I think mcds and mcms don't have UUIDs, but hashes would work with 
those too.


>> No.  No two MCZ's may have the same name, certainly not withiin the
>> same repository, because MCRepository cannot support that.  So maybe
>> we need project subdirectories under package-cache to properly
>> simulate each cached Repository.  I had no idea we were neutering 90%
>> of the benefits of our package-cache because of this too, and just
>> sitting here, I can't help wonder whether this is why MCProxy doesn't
>> work properly either!
>> The primary purpose of a cache is to *check it first* to speed up
>> access to something, right?  What you say about package-cache sounds
>> really bad we should fix that, not surrender to it.
>>  - Chris

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