[squeak-dev] Server timeouts and 504 return codes

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Mon Jan 28 08:10:07 UTC 2019

> On 28.01.2019, at 04:04, Chris Muller <ma.chris.m at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> If the client does have the mcz, then we save the complete file transfer.
>>>>> I don't know what the speed between alan <---> andreas is, but I doubt
>>>>> it's much slower than client <---> alan in most cases, so the savings
>>>>> would seem to be minimal..?
>>>> The image wouldn't have to open a file, read its content from the disk and
>>>> send that through a socket.
>>> By "the image" I assume you mean the SqueakSource server image.  But
>>> opening the file takes very little time.  Original web-sites were
>>> .html files, remember how fast those were?  Plus, filesystems "cache"
>>> file contents into their own internal caches anyway...
>> Each file uses one external semaphore, each socket uses three. If you use
>> a default image, there can be no more than 256 external semaphores which
>> is ridiculous for a server,
> So, that is that (256 / 4 = 64) concurrent requests for a MCZ before
> it is full?   Probably enough for our small community, but you also
> said that's just a default we can increase?  Something I'd like to
> know if I need for Magma too, where can I find this setting?

Are you aware that a lot of requests can happen with Travis-CI builds requesting such things?

Also, you should deduct several semaphores for sources and changes files, and conections to magma, and the squeak debug log file and …


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