[squeak-dev] The Inbox: Kernel-tonyg.1212.mcz

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at leastfixedpoint.com
Tue Jan 29 21:29:16 UTC 2019

Hi Chris,

On 1/29/19 9:20 PM, Chris Muller wrote:
>     ExternalSettings preferenceDirectory  "print it"
> Whatever directory that is, make a file called 'mcSettings' in this format:
>     account1: *source.squeak.org/* [your mime64-encoded PW]

Thanks for the tip! I'll do that.

> When you do commit it, please consider simply loading your method into
> a new version that descends directly from Kernel-mt.1211 instead of
> also merging the old 1153.

OK, I'll also do that. When I get access to my account again (I've
emailed box-admins; long story short, it doesn't accept my password and
it seems to have forgotten that the appropriate email address for
initials 'tonyg' is 'tonyg at leastfixedpoint.com', so I can't even reset
my password) I'll move the "inbox" revs I just uploaded to "treated
inbox" and do it again properly.

> Hey Levente, do you know the best way to implement the typical
> self-help automated way of resetting one's own PW for a Squeak server?

At the moment it presumably emails the associated account -- but for
some reason my email address has been forgotten by the server so it's
just stuck :-(


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