[squeak-dev] Updating 'Squeak by Example'

Thiede, Christoph Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Nov 8 19:38:26 UTC 2019

Hi tim,

we (that means, mainly Patrick) are currently working on updating all contents and screenshots of the book to match the latest Squeak version. By the way, we are taking this opportunity to codify each screenshots with a short script in the tex source, so they will not deprecate so fast again (until someone reworks the whole UI) :D

What are your tool questions about in detail? We completely automated the build process, so in general, you can simply fork the repo and change the tex source, and TravisCI will generate a new PDF for you whenever you push (which is deployed as GitHub release and/or an upload to Google Drive). If you would like to build it locally, you will need: a tex editor (recommended - in general, you can do this from vim or notepad as well. Personally, I am using VS Code), make, texlive, and Squeak. For the complete build process, please have a look at .travis.yml and Makefile. The build process basically looks like this:

  1.  Load the SmalltalkSources into Squeak (they require Trunk)
  2.  Do it: SBEFigureBuilder buildAllTexFigures
This will parse all SmalltalkInTex scripts and generate figures of it into the build directory.
  3.  From shell: run make
This will:
     *   Generate listings from the SmalltalkSources
     *   Run texlive to generate bibliography & pdf

I know I finally need to document this process. :) If you have further questions, we're there on GitHub Issues or here.



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At the squeak board meeting on Weds we discussed updating the 'Squeak by Example' book in order to have working examples and current screenshots etc. It's a good book in general and would be a useful thing to point new squeakers to with some updating.

The sources are at https://github.com/SquareBracketAssociates/SqueakByExample-english (and there are some translations too) and I see some recent changes by Patrick R (thanks!) mentioned in my email. Personally I'd appreciate some advice on what program one might use to edit the stuff. I don't think I can manage LaTEX.

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