[squeak-dev] FileTree in Squeak 5.3 can't load Grease repo, but issue was fixed in 2016

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Sun Aug 9 17:15:17 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I filed an issue against FileTree[1] and spent some time crafting a 
solution, only to find that @krono had already crafted & submitted a fix 
in 2016:


So: why isn't the fix loaded into a fresh Squeak 5.3 image after 
performing "Installer ensureRecentMetacello"?

The two commits related to the fix seem to have been properly merged 
into the squeak4.3 dialect branch.

Could it be that ConfigurationOfFileTree needs updating to include this 
commit?  It seems the #stable version,, has a timestamp of 
10/29/2014 12:48.  It includes the following for Squeak:

spec for: #'squeak' do: [
       package: 'MonticelloFileTree-Core' with: 
       package: 'MonticelloFileTree-FileDirectory-Utilities' with: 
'MonticelloFileTree-FileDirectory-Utilities.squeak43-dkh.12'. ].

Would the solution be to update this spec to a newer package version?


[1] https://github.com/dalehenrich/filetree/issues/229

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