[squeak-dev] Got FFI working on my own builds (production and debug) but downloaded all-in-one always never works

LawsonEnglish LEnglish5 at cox.net
Thu Aug 20 20:55:56 UTC 2020

So, with Craig Latta’s help, I managed to build my own vm. I added back in the 5.3-19435 image and changes files, and sources file, and changed the plist appropriately and it works just fine.


However, I never did get the distributed version to work. I can sorta make it work with enough swapping of files, but it eventually crashes on startup even though FFI to my own dylib is working.

The unmodified distributed 5.3 all-in-work apparently ALWAYS eventually crashes onstartup after trying to load a dylib and then staving, if I do it enough times, but thus far the ones I built do not do this.

I can continue with my FFI experiments now (thanks everyone for their help), but unless something is very wrong with my Mac’s setup, the latst vesion of catalina isn’t stable for FFI via dylib.


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