[squeak-dev] Website VM Downloads Link Broken

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Wed Aug 4 13:20:32 UTC 2021

Hi all --

squeak.org updates automatically again. We fixed the broken VM downloads as well as point to an image-only package for ARMv6.



Note that those do not yet point to the most recent efforts using GitHub Actions workflows:




Am 31.07.2021 16:35:20 schrieb Bruce O'Neel <bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch>:

We have over time on ARMv8 Linux 3 epochs.  Lack of hardware means I don't know about MacOS.

The different time epochs

1 - 2 raisedTo: 64 returns 0.  Other things pretty much seem to work except things that clearly depend on working right around 2**64.

2 - 2 rasiedTo: 64 returns the correct number.  Other things pretty much keep working.

3 - now, ARMv8 on Linux starts but within a few seconds segfaults.

I'm working on debugging time epoch 3's problem, but temporally I am not near my ARMv8 system so no luck.

We'll eventually get this all working.  For now the stack VM seems to work just fine so if it critical that you keep up with HEAD for some other reason on ARM64 just take a bit of a speed hit and run the stack vm.  In day to day use it does not seem slower.  It's only slower if you run something CPU bound.



On 2021-07-30T23:17:18.000+02:00, Craig Latta <craig at blackpagedigital.com> wrote:
Many thanks, Marcel!



On 30 July 2021 06:48 pacific time, Marcel Taeumel wrote:

> Hi Eric --
> I just finished this:
> github.com/OpenSmalltalk/op... [https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/pull/579]
> Best,
> Marcel
>> Am 30.07.2021 14:23:48 schrieb Eric Gade <eric.gade at gmail.com [mailto:eric.gade at gmail.com]>:
>> Hi all,
>> The link at squeak.org/downloads <http://squeak.org/downloads> for
>> trunk VMs appears to be broken
>> (bintray.com/opensmalltalk/v... [https://bintray.com/opensmalltalk/vm/cog/_latestVersion#files]
>> <https://bintray.com/opensmalltalk/vm/cog/_latestVersion#files>) --
>> apparently bintray no longer offers whatever specific service was
>> being used
>> --
>> Eric

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