[squeak-dev] Many questions about sounds :-)

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Mon Jun 28 11:15:01 UTC 2021

Hi Christopph,

did you enable the preference to quick start sounds?

Although there seems to be a delay before the sound starts but it seems
faster than 2 + 2 print it.

And [[AbstractSound scaleTest play] timeProfile] fork. is faster than
your example (79 vs. 92ms vs 139 w/o quick start)



Am 27.06.2021 um 20:22 schrieb Thiede, Christoph:
> Hi all!
> As I'm currently developing a small project that uses sounds in
> Squeak, I have collected a number of questions about the Sound package
> and am hoping to find some answers here. Even if you are able to
> answer one or two questions only, I will appreciate your help! :-)
> 1. What is the difference between QueueSound and SequentialSound?
> Roughly speaking, they both appear to do the same. AbstractSound >> #,
> uses SequentialSound whereas QueueSound might be thread-safe. Is there
> any reason why the two are not unioned into a single class?
> 2. Why could my coffeeCupClink be broken? It's already the second
> image in which I, after playing around a bit with sounds, managed to
> break that sound by accident. In both affected images, Beeper beep
> just does not beep any more. However, all other SampledSounds still
> sound fine. SampledSound initialize and VM restart didn't help. I even
> tried to find out what's going wrong with the help of comparative
> debugging of #play, but I did not discover any meaningful difference ...
> 3. SoundService/SoundPlayer/SoundSystem are not thread-safe, are they?
> 4. Why does it take so much time to start the SoundPlayer? I could
> reproduce this in two images using: [[PluckedSound default play]
> timeProfile] fork. In both cases, the image was busy for ~150ms. If
> another sound is already playing, #play is fast. According to the
> TimeProfileBrowser, #newProcess eats up all the time (see attachment),
> but can this really be true? Can you reproduce this on your machines
> or could this be a Windows-specific thing?
> 5. Is there any built-in way for loudness normalization (as opposed to
> "normal" volume)?
> 6. Can you recommend any further resources in Squeak for other sound
> concepts such as ring modulation, sawtooth/triangle/square waves, or
> also other musical instruments? For example, there are flutes
> and oboes, but I did not find a piano sound. Would it be possible to
> build one as a combination of FMSounds or are these instruments more
> sophisticated to program?
> Thanks in advance and have a happy weekend!
> Best,
> Christoph

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