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Jaromir Matas m at jaromir.net
Sun May 30 16:50:52 UTC 2021

Hi Christoph,

> ... my point here is: Proceeding from an error almost always doesn't seem
> "right". :-) It is always a decision by the debugging programmer to
> override the default control flow and switch to the "next plausible
> alternative control flow", i.e., resume as if the error would have never
> been raised. Applied to the attempt to return from a method, for me, this
> means to ignore the return (thinking of it in message sends: to ignore the
> "thisContext (home) return"). Yeah, and if there is no further statement
> after that return, my best understanding of the user's intention to
> "proceed" would be to return to the place from where the block has been
> invoked ...

Agreed :) The more I think about it the more I like it ;) And well, the
non-local return could have been a typo anyways... so actually, this makes
the best sense and preserves all options open for the user - perfect!

> Also, can you convince me why you would need some extra state in the
> exception for this?

No, I hated adding an extra state :) The only thing I really need for the
full #terminate to work correctly is a way to distinguish between normal
proceeding the computation and resuming the unwind procedure when the
BlockCannotReturn error occurs inside an unwind block currently being
evaluated. All I need then is a Warning the computation proceeds beyond the
BlockCannotReturn; here's what I mean:

cannotReturn: result

	closureOrNil ifNotNil: [
		| resumptionValue |
		resumptionValue := self cannotReturn: result to: self home sender.
		ProceedBlockCannotReturn new signal: 'This block has ended, continue with
		self pc > self endPC ifTrue: [
			"This block has ended, continue with sender"
			thisContext privSender: self sender].
		^ resumptionValue].
	Processor debugWithTitle: 'Computation has been terminated!' translated
full: false

So if you're fine with this addition, full #terminate would recognize when
it's beyond BlockCannotReturn and would continue unwinding the non-local
return accordingly.

I think it's useful to warn the user about such an unusual (and new) option
as Proceeding safely beyond BlockCannotReturn anyway :)

> Argh, here is another example which does not yet match my expectations:
> ```
>         sender := thisContext swapSender: nil.
>         true ifTrue: [^ 1]. "Proceed the BlockCannotReturn"
>         thisContext privSender: sender.
>         ^ 2
> ```
> I think this should eventually answer 2. Apparently, the VM already has
> reset the pc in this example so we are helpless here. 

There's something wrong with this example :) (or my understanding of it)

1) if you print-it or do-it you get Computation terminated instead of Block
cannot return

2) so I wrapped it in [] value
[sender := thisContext swapSender: nil.
true ifTrue: [^ 1]. "Proceed the BlockCannotReturn"
thisContext privSender: sender.
^ 2] value
Now it raises BlockCannotReturn and returns 2 with your changeset (if


if you debug it and:
A) step through the ^1 - you get Message not understood
B) step into ^1 - you don't get any error and can happily continue

I'm confused...

Many thanks for your comments and your proposed solution to cannot return;
I'll update #terminate and remove my previous attempts from the Inbox.

^[^ Jaromir
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