[squeak-dev] bad MessageTrace regression (was: The Trunk: Morphic-mt.1652.mcz)

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 01:07:15 UTC 2022

Hi Eliot,

I made another attempt to assemble all our requirements for spawning vs
>> tracing in the MessageTrace. The following list of requirements appears to
>> have been agreed by Chris, Jakob, and me:
>> *- Menu and keyboard shortcut do the same thing - Senders in the message
>> list: add to trace - Implementors in the message list: add to trace -
>> Senders in the code editor: new window - Implementors in the code editor:
>> add to trace - Senders/Implementors Buttons: new window *
> I want to add a new requirement: a single modifier key causes the new
> query to be opened in a new window, not added to the trace.  I like
> MessageTrace, but at a certain level of nesting I want to *not* pollute the
> results I already have by adding to the trace.  This frustration happens a
> lot.

That was the plan from the beginning, the problem is the modifier version
of those keys are already occupied by other commands.

Thankfully, it doesn't need to be a frustration, spawning a fresh
window based on senders is easy by simply placing the cursor on the first
line of the code (the method signature) and pressing Cmd+n.

New window for Implementors USED to work via the menu, but the menu is
sometimes needed when methods contain literal Symbols that are selector
names in the source code, so it was a good change.

So Implementors is the only one that's not now not that easy to do, which
is why I support Christoph's solution.  I actually agree with his points
about letting the human UX drive the design, not "consistency" in code or

- Chris
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