[squeak-dev] [ANN] TouchScrolling

Jaromir Matas mail at jaromir.net
Sat Mar 5 18:47:39 UTC 2022

Hi Tony,
Touch scrolling is really cool; will it be a part of the standard image (optional/preference) ?

I guess it’s a bug that scroll bars no longer work; as if not detected at all: grabbing it with a mouse or finger does nothing and an attempt to move it scrolls in the opposite direction.


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Hi Marcel, everybody -

On 2/17/22 12:45, Marcel Taeumel wrote:
> Wohoo! This is great. I have to look into this. I always wanted to
> scroll stuff by touch on my laptop.

Has anyone had a chance to try TouchScrolling out yet?

I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts on it. If it isn't too intrusive
(I will admit I find it a *little* intrusive when I'm working with an
image using a mouse on my desktop PC), perhaps it could be (rewritten
and) included in trunk.

It'd be nice to, for example, have it so that a trunk image could work
without too much modification in squeak.js.org.

(I intend to experiment in squeak.js with a combination of
TouchScrolling and the on-screen keyboard I built for my cellphone work...)

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