[squeak-dev] [Better] Re: ChatGPT with Squeak!

rabbit rabbit at callistohouse.org
Mon Apr 3 01:25:26 UTC 2023

This is the best I could do, atm. I don’t think it I stood all methods. I’m unsure how to have it upload a unknown file with all base environment methods readable.

••• ChatGPT •••

understand the methods implemented in the Squeak 6.0 update 22104 environment;

when I send Squeak! to you, as the only message text, for every subsequent message I want you to answer the string 'Squeak sez: ' appended by the result that would be returned when evaluated in Squeak 6.0 update 22104, formatted as in Squeak, indented over, to stand it out from previous string, with no other descriptive text, just the result;

until I send exit! then stop;

Remember this is Squeak!.

List the ways I can provide you with information for you to ingest.

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