[squeak-dev] Bug Report: Squeak 6.0 loading Squeak 4.3 RectangleMorph .morph

Jim Rosenberg jr at amanue.com
Mon Apr 3 04:13:03 UTC 2023

To replicate:

1. In Squeak 4.3, open a new RectangleMorph.

2. Bring up the explorer on this morph using the halo.

3. Put the following into the code window and doIt:

self color: Color transparent.
self borderWidth: 1

4. Save to a .morph using the halo.

5. In Squeak 6.0, open a fileList, navigate to the directory containing
the .morph above, click on the entry for that file, click load as morph.

You will get an error titled:

Key not found: Color

I don't know if this list allows attachments or not -- I'll attach
a .morph that shows this error and hope it goes through.

I've got other issues loading .morphs from my own subclasses of
RectangleMorph where the borderColor is wrong, but I don't have a simple
test case for a bug report yet.

-Thanks in advance, Jim
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