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Fri Mar 31 13:47:14 UTC 2023

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-mt.1409
Author: mt
Time: 31 March 2023, 3:47:13.230258 pm
UUID: d1af62bf-d0ab-c54c-b294-1b872187104b
Ancestors: System-mt.1408

Forgot to reset the clipboard constants ... sorry for the noise...

=============== Diff against System-mt.1408 ===============

Item was changed:
+ (PackageInfo named: 'System') postscript: 'ExtendedClipboardWinInterface initialize..'!
- (PackageInfo named: 'System') postscript: 'ExtendedClipboardWinInterface initialize.'!

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