[Squeak-e] Programming the VM

Mark S. Miller markm at caplet.com
Sun Feb 2 23:11:09 CET 2003

At 10:54 PM 2/2/2003 Sunday, Mark S. Miller wrote:
>Using Alan's imagery, and with thanks to Norm Hardy and E-Dean Tribble, 
>here's an explanation of a framework I call "refraction".

Oops, I forgot to mention the biggest credit-where-due on this: Udi Shapiro 
and the use of nested virtual meta-reflective interpreters in a network in 
Flat Concurrent Prolog. He did indeed reify eval and absorb apply (#4) and 
he did indeed use source-to-source transformation to simulate 
meta-interpretation cheaply (#10).

As I read over my description, I think it's all there in Udi's work (except 
for #9, which is obvious anyway). My message is only new imagery for 
explaining an old idea. I'm embarrassed. Well, at least the idea I almost 
stole is a good one. ;)

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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