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Mon Feb 3 11:22:37 CET 2003

Mark S. Miller <squeak-e at lists.squeakfoundation.org> said:
>This is lexical scoping, not dynamic scoping, just as Alan's metaphor would 
>seem to demand. Object references stretch between "machines". Messages move 
>between "machines" riding references. Objects stay where they're born.
Yeah, I figured that out for myself *after* I posted. Stupid me.
<spank target="self"/>

Anyway, that'd probably mean, or could mean, that you'd have an extra
slot in these objects pointing to their 'machine', not? When they are
instantiated, they get the parent's 'machine' reference unless the
parent overrides it (either by setting it after the fact, or more likely
by a something like 'Foo newInNewEnvironment'). 

SqueakVM specialists: how hard is it to add an extra reference to all
objects? On Squeak level? On VM level?

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