[Squeak-e] Programming the VM

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Feb 3 21:41:58 CET 2003


> Ok. My gut feeling is indeed that this is better than dynamic scoping.
> So we need an extra slot. Time to bring in the VM hacking squad ;-)
> (FYI: the VM object format is destined to change in Squeak 3.5, for
> 'real' closures or whatever. So this is the ideal time to request such
> changes).

I don't know where you heard that the object format is going to be changed
in 3.5 but adding a pointer to every object is unlikely to be done unless
you have a Very Good Reason(tm). It will instantly break all plugins and the
added space and GC overhead is not to be taken lightly.

  - Andreas

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