[Squeak-e] Brands and Nested VMs (was: Programming the VM)

Mark S. Miller markm at caplet.com
Tue Feb 4 15:56:26 CET 2003

At 03:34 PM 2/4/2003 Tuesday, Mark S. Miller wrote:
>Finally, as I defined "state" and "behavior", all of the behavior is in a 
>Smalltalk Behavior. Some of an object's state is already split between the 
>instance and the Behavior. It's not at all clear on which side of this split 
>the Brand should fall.

I withdraw my choice of words. Let's leave "Behavior" with its Smalltalk 
meaning -- it's the thing instances point to from their special class 
pointer (what is this actually called). For what I was calling "behavior", 
how about "code"? An object would then be a combination of state and code.
Or should we adopt the Actors term "script"? Do either have any conflicts 
with the Squeak universe I should know about?

Text by me above is hereby placed in the public domain


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