[Squeak-e] adding eventual sending to Croquet's ScriptProcess and ScriptSche duler

Withers, Robert rwithers at quallaby.com
Fri Feb 14 11:39:52 CET 2003

Andreas,  I should have sent out a quick note thanking you, 2 days ago.
So..thanks for the explaination of the Script interface, and the discussion
around how it works.   Things got very busy at work so I didn't have an
opportunity to look deeper until last night.

I should have the two linked this weekend.  I am currently writing an
EventualScriptMessageSend, that holds and activates a resolver, when the
computation is completed.  This is the return continuation.

I am curious about your use the ivar #myQueue in the ScriptProcess.  I
really like that your ScriptProcess will compute a value, and that that
value is the 'result' of the process.  That's a very standard view of
computations.  Isn't it a functional view?  A better approach for supporting
eventual sending may be to have a subclass of ScriptProcess which holds the
continuation to the invocation site.

> From: Andreas Raab [mailto:andreas.raab at gmx.de]

> [TeaProcessScheduler]
> > I am not sure, but I am thinking that this interruptability 
> > breaks the event-loop model.
> Yes, most likely so. This is a (continuous) time-driven 
> framework not a
> (discrete) event-driven one.
It still must execute activations in a sequential manner, so I wonder if it
wouldn't be possible to provide 'uninterruptibility', or whatever is needed
to ensure an event-loop, yet still have 'real-time' scheduling.  

No system-level changes, yet. :)



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