[Squeak-ev] [LinuxTag] Litter, Network, Furniture, Keysigning etc.

Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Mon Jun 3 19:42:22 UTC 2002

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Subject: [LT Infomail#6] Litter, Network, Furniture, Keysigning etc. - Squeak
From: Martin Schulze <joey at linuxtag.org>
Date: Mon,  3 Jun 2002 19:14:10 +0200 (CEST)

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Booths are Ready

   Good news, all booths are already built, furniture should be
   delivered tomorrow or Wednesday.  Due to architectural requirements
   some more walls than expected are built.  I've updated the <a
   href="http://luonnotar.infodrom.org/~joey/map.eps">map</a> to reflect
   the current situation.  Hope this finds you approval.

2. Litter

   I have finally found out how litter removal is to be handled during
   this exhibition.  There will be a daily cleaning run for the entire
   exhibition.  We will hand you litter bags daily.  Please use them and
   put them outside of your booth at the evening.  The cleaning team
   will pick them up and remove them.  If you need more bags, please
   stop by at our office.

3. Rented Furniture

   Please handle the furniture of your booths carefully.  It is rented,
   and the company where we got it from will be mondo pissed if there
   are scratches all over.  For machines and monitors without rubber
   feet please use some stacked paper as unterground for the machines.

4. Exhibition Network

   We are going to have a network for projects booths.  However, as
   usual we may run into problems with long distances within the booth,
   so you'd better take all long cables with you.  You should, of
   course, also take enough short cables with you so you can connect
   your machines to the switch in question.  I was asked to ask you to
   take a 30m cable with your, for each project.  Well, please check
   what you can arrange.  Additionally, please take all your switches
   and hubs with you in order to serve the network inside of your booth.

5. Keysigning

   Marc Mutz is organising a Keysigning Party.  It is scheduled to take
   place on Friday in room R 2.05, 17:00-18:00. Here is what he wrote

   <p>Judging from last year, we expect more than 50 people coming
   there, so a bit of organization might be in order. To this end, you
   might want to send the output of

   <p>gpg --with-fingerprint --list-keys <your key>

   <p>to Marc Mutz <mutz at kde.org>. Please include the string LT2002-PGP
   in the subject. Marc will compile a sheet of paper with the collected
   fingerprints and hand them out in the session. Then, everyone only
   needs to show his credentials (passport, driver's license, visa photo
   card) and read his fingerprint out loud. Everyone else just checks
   the fingerprint against his copy of the sheet and the time needed is
   instantly reduced from O(n^2) to O(n) ;-)

   <p>Please also note that the German Heise Verlag will have a booth on
   LinuxTag again, taking OpenPGP keys for signing. You have to send
   them your key before LT (pgpCA at ct.heise.de, IIRC) or give it to them
   on a floppy on LinuxTag. You need to go to their booth, show your
   passport and sign a sheet of paper with your fingerprint on and
   that's basically it.  This is esp. interesing for people from
   Germany, since getting your key singed by Heise makes it verifyable
   to every German bothered enough to go to the next kiosk and check
   Heise's fingerprint against the one printed in every issue of c't.



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