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Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Mit Jun 5 18:55:17 UTC 2002

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To: marcus at ira.uka.de
Subject: [LT Infomail#7]  Last minute... - Squeak
From: Martin Schulze <joey at linuxtag.org>
Date: Wed,  5 Jun 2002 20:14:38 +0200 (CEST)

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Updated map

   Since I forgot to upload the last exhibition map for projects, it's
   now online at <a

2. Exhibitor Tickets

   If you want to enter the exhibition before the show opens, or if you
   want to enter the exhibition and have no exhibitor pass yet and don't
   want to fiddle with the <a
   href="http://www.linuxtag.org/gplcard/">gplcard</a>, but are
   registrated as <a
   href="http://www.infodrom.org/LinuxTag/members.php3">booth staff</a>
   please go to the information desk and ask for an exhibitor ticket.
   I'll deposit a list of your names there.  Unfortunately, our office
   is located behind the entrance desks, hence, unreachable from the
   outer world.

   <p>The above only applies, of course, if you can't manage to show up
   earlier on Wednesday and pick up exhibitor passes from me directly.

3. Opening and Closing

   It seems that the closing policy is quite different to Stuttgart.  We
   had to learn yesterday that we are to leave the exhibition hall at
   10pm, unfortunately.  You can enter the hall at 8am, probably one
   hour earlier as well.  Hence, please be prepared for an early end.

   <p>However, if you would like to continue hacking, you should
   probably go to the gym hall, since there is a wireless network

4. Storage Room

   Finally, we will have a storage room in the back of booths for WINE
   and Squeak.  It is, however, not very large (only four square
   meters).  Hence, please only use it for important stuff and try to
   stack your stuff as much as you can, so other people and projects get
   a chance to store their things in that room as well.

5. Furniture

   Yesterday I received a confirmation that we will have enough tables
   and chairs, however they're only regular tables (115x75) and regular
   chairs, which are usually used in conference rooms.  There will be
   bar hockers for all infopoints and two show-cases for projects which
   ordered them.

6. Development Area

   There is unused space behind the upper booths (PHP, Debian, Rocklinux
   etc.)  which you can use for development etc.  I currently presume
   that there will be some tables and chairs left over, which we can
   place there.

7. Parking Tickets

   Somebody asked about parking tickets, here is what I found out:
   Exhibitors benefit from reduced parking fees.  You'll have to pay
   EUR&nbsp;8.00 per day (instead of EUR&nbsp;10.00) if you show your
   exhibitor ticket at the payment office.  As you see, this is quite
   expensive, so you should probably try to find a parking space nearby
   or near the gym hall (in case of doubt, stop by at the Internet Café
   and ask people managing it) and go to the exhibition by tram.

8. Enjoy

   Yes, I know that I'm late, but I received too many interrupts to
   serve them properly.  I hope you'll enjoy LinuxTag 2002.

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