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Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Mit Mai 1 15:33:51 UTC 2002


Ich denke, wir koennen der squeak-ev Liste auch fuer Kommunikation
fuer den Linuxtag verweden (da alle Leute, die beim LinuxTag helfen
wollen auch auf der squeak-ev Liste sind). 
Alle LinuxTag-Mails haben [LinuxTag] im Subject....

hier erstmal eine info-mail von joey... weiteres folgt.


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To: marcus at ira.uka.de
Subject: [LT Infomail#1] Organisation, Sleeping - Squeak
From: Martin Schulze <joey at linuxtag.org>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:54:11 +0200 (CEST)

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. LinuxTag 2002 is coming...

  I'm a bit late this year, but I'm definitively around and trying my
  best to maintain everything related to open projects and LinuxTag.
  However, I plan to change the organization again, towards more
  professionalism and less timely involvement from my side.

  We are still looking for companies that wish to demonstrate their
  work at LinuxTag, so if you know about interested parties, please
  drop me a line and I'll pass the information to the people handling
  commercial exhibitors.

  We are working towards a public frontend to the tools I use for
  maintenance.  This will enable you to alter information on your own,
  like adding and removing of staff members, edit the description of
  your project, add urls, make comments, read other peoples comments
  etc.  I'm anticipating to present this in about two weeks, maybe
  earlier.  Your email address will be used as login and you'll
  receive a password via mail, which you may change later.  For the
  interested parties, this system is discussed and developed here[1].

  1. http://www.infodrom.org/Mail-Archive/linuxtag-ltp/2002/

  Until that, please let me know who will staff your booth (with an
  email address if the person should be able to log in into the system
  later or should receive mail).

2. Projects Organisation Mailing List

  Last year already I have created a mailing, list which is intended
  to be used by all projects and me to discuss general issues of our
  involvement in LinuxTag.  This should improve things a little bit
  since not everything needs to go through me personally.  If you are
  interested in discussing certain issues not only with me but with
  members of other projects as well, please subscribe to
  linuxtag-projects or read the public archive:
  echo subscribe linuxtag-projects|mail <majordomo mail>
  A public archive of this list is available here[2].

  2. http://www.infodrom.org/Mail-Archive/linuxtag-projects/2002/

3. Information flow / Staying informed

  You may decide on your own how you want to keep informed and stay in
  touch with me, besides personal private mail.  I will continue to
  send out infomails in which I'm going to summarize current issues
  that are important for you to know -- or when I believe you should
  know them. :)

  These are your choices:

    o Mail sent to all members who gave me an email address (this is the
      current setup for all projects)

    o Mail sent to a mailing-list of your choice instead (actually these
      two can be mixed).

    o Mail sent to linuxtag-projects.

    o No mail at all, but you are frequently checking the website[3]
      where I'm going to copy all information.

  3. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2002/

  If you have received this document via mail, you are most probably
  listed as recipient of the mail or are receiving it through a
  mailing list.

  If you wish to change the current setup, please let me know.

4. Booth arrangements

  In order to make booth arrangements soon, please let me know what
  you plan to demonstrate at the booth, how you want the booth to look
  like, how you plan to use the provided space and what kind of booth
  you anticipate.  Simple graphics in ascii art or like this[4] would
  be very much appreciated.

  4. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2001/booth.html

  Please let me know about your plans.

5. Information Retrievel

  Like I have done in the last year, there is a website dedicated to
  our involvement in LinuxTag 2002.  I will place information there,
  and trying this rather than sending everything via mail.  However,
  there will be mails (like this one) sent to you if you don't object.

  If you have received this mail, but didn't wish to, please drop
  me a line so I can alter your settings.  This is because first I
  thought that this year we could make it without Infomails, but I had
  to learn that we can't, so had to alter some settings without

  I have also started to write up an FAQ[5], that should cover most
  frequently asked questions.  I will try to refer to that document as
  often as I can.

  5. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2002/faq.html

  I will place all relevant information here[6].  Don't be confused,
  this directory also contains Debian related stuff.  This is just
  because I'm also coordinating the Debian presence and starting a new
  location is somewhat moot.  The second menu block on the left side
  contains general links to general pages, that are important for all
  projects, not only for Debian.

  6. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2002/

6. Workshops

  If you would like to give a presentation or a talk for some 50
  experienced people or developers, this is still possible.  Even
  though the regular talk schedule is already fixed (actually, it's
  fixed for one or two months now), we will have two rooms on our own
  which we can use for whatever we want.  Please check out how we used
  them last year[7].  By the way, there is still need for two beamers
  (one for each room).

  7. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2001/workshops.php3

7. Sleeping space

  The Karlsruhe Linux User Group[8] is helping us with a gym hall in
  which you may stay during the night, if you like.  If this is an
  option to you, please keep in mind to sign up for it later.  Details
  and a CGI form provided by KaLUG will be added later.

  8. http://www.karlsruhe.linux.de/

8. LinuxTag in the News

  The Linux Enterprise magazin has asked me for a list of projects,
  which will be present at the upcoming LinuxTag exhibition.  To
  provide all relevant information, please send me a German
  description of your project, an official URL and a (high-resolution)
  logo if you have one.



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