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Markus Gaelli gaelli at emergent.de
Don Jun 19 12:53:27 UTC 2003


ist bei Dir das k kaputt?

Ich schick das auch mal an die deutschsprachigen Squeaker,
die das erstens sicher auch ganz spannend finden, was
Ihr da vorhabt und zweitens vielleicht auch gerne die eine
oder andere Frage dazu beantworten.

Viele Grüße,


> Von: jan minagawa <t at twig-publishing.com>
> Datum: Di, 17. Jun 2003  00:50:24 Europe/Berlin
> An: croquet-user at mail.opencroquet.org
> Betreff: [Croquet-user] c-base
> Antwort an: croquet-user at mail.opencroquet.org
> last may i saw a squeac - worcshop by andreas at the bootlab in berlin.
> at this time i started to worc on the the project baseOS.
> the idea of baseos is the idea of the reconstruction of a 
> operation-system of a crashed
> spacestation. c-base
> some legends say that this spacestation crashed to earth more than 
> 100.000 but less then 2.000.000 year ago.
> and it will be build (german: wird gebaut worden sein) somewhen in 
> future
> since 1995 is a circle of techniq and art related people doing the 
> reconstruction on it.
> now in  july 2003 starts the c-base reconstruction project III (cbrp 
> III) at the rungestrasse 20 in berlin.
> we have found "new" parts of the c-base and will put them together in 
> public space.
> there we can show people future technologies and futuristic 
> sports,culture.communication.
> one part of the concept of baseOS seems to be "virtual = reality".
> we had a lot of ideas  about the realisation of this clue.
> we planing to rebuild the landing modules. 
> (http://b-oss.in-berlin.de/baseos all german)
> there are container an this are connect to our mainhall or between 
> each other.
> the connection will be audio/video but also temperture/light
> so that you can go to the panel an get connected to the container u 
> want to.
> this is a direct reality2reality (whatever that means) tunnel.
> the next step will be to visit a container or the main via a virtual 
> (reality) client.
> that can be opencroquet.
> so the visitor is at home an starts up his opencroquet image and can 
> mace a connection to
> some of this containers. there he can meet other people.
> if the container is virtual nothing more happens its a simple
> realitytroughvirtuality2virtualitytroughrealitytunnel (whatever 
> reality in this context means).
> the intresting stuff starts now.
> if the container is a real container the visitor gets a representation 
> of himself in reality and virtuality.
> in a cind of projecting his avatar and showing the position of it in 
> real container.
> people in the container can see him can speac to him and so on.
> if people are also connected via virtual reality clients to this space 
> it is not possible to see differences.
> we want to start our landingmodules project at the beginning of august 
> 2003.
> there will be a large haccer camp near berlin the chaos communication 
> camp. http://wiki.camp.ccc.de/
> there will be a village called artandbeauty village. that will contain 
> our large 3d-crew, some people from
> the gimp-developers, musicians, vj's and so on
> there we want to install the alpha-release of the container.
> later we want to show the installation at the @tc 2003,artforum, 
> chaoscommunicationcongress,transmediale
> and also 24h a day via virtual reality client all over the galaxy.
> so it will be a public accessable installation of a gate to the 
> "cyberspace" (whatever that will mean).
> but we need some things to realize this.
> we need support at the technical questions.
> we need sponsors which are giving hardware and money to us.
> we need ideas in the realisation of it.
> i think opencrouqet is a good softwareidea to realize it.
> and the landingmodules are a good showcase for some of the 
> possibilities of opencroquet.
> so lets meet each other at the campground in august at altlandsberg. 
> https://wiki.camp.ccc.de/Camp/view/Main/TravelInformation
> t.
> be future compatible
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