[Squeak-ev] 21c3

Marcus Denker denker at iam.unibe.ch
Don Dez 2 14:03:15 UTC 2004


Es gibt beim 21c3 (27-29 in Berlin) die moeglichkeit, platz im 
Hackcenter fuer Projekte zu reservieren.

Ich werde dort sein (ganze zeit). Falls noch mehr leute kommen, koennte 
man einige
Plaetze fuer Squeak/Croquet hacker organisieren...


Falls interesse --> mail an mich.


The Hackcenter is our central space for active projects who want to 
work and collaborate at 21C3. We have around 500 seats free but as 
demand is usually much higher you have to apply for space with your 
project. We have now opened the registration site for the Hackcenter 
now. Please note that it is much better to apply for a whole project 
area as a group than ask for single seats one by one. Get your group 
together first and then file an application explaining who you are, 
what you want to do etc. We will select the projects from the list of 
applications in December. We favor active development groups and 
similar projects.

If you just want access to the Internet at 21C3 you don’t need space in 
the Hackcenter. We provide Internet access wherever possible in wired 
and wireless form for free. So if you just want to hook up to the net 
with your laptop there is nothing to be done in advance.