[Squeak-ev] Consultant wanted with expertise in Croquet & 3D graphics for project at RWTH Aachen University

Matthew Sloly matthew at matthewsloly.com
Die Mar 8 00:02:12 UTC 2005

Traurig, daß dieses nicht auf Deutsch ist.



Dear Squeak ev list members:


I am searching for someone who is qualified to be a consultant on a 3D CAD
software project that I will be developing in collaboration with Dr. Leif
Kobbelt during a six month residency at his lab at RWTH Aachen University,
Germany. (http://www-i8.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/) I need someone who is
knowledgeable about 3D graphics and Croquet, the 3D spin-off of Squeak.


This project is my initiative, however I am not a programmer. I am a fine
artist and my residency at RWTH is being organized with the support of the
Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, and Adamski Gallery for Contemporary Art.


I feel that Croquet would be the ideal environment in which to develop SIL.
My collaborators at RWTH are unfamiliar with Croquet, or Squeak, or
Smalltalk, and so may need some help in ramping up.


Therefore we are looking for someone who would be willing to do an
introductory seminar and workshop for my team and possibly other faculty and
staff at RWTH, as well as be available for occasional consultation over the
six months of the residency. We do not have a huge budget at this stage but
we could offer accommodation and living expenses for a week plus a small
honorarium. We need someone with a background in 3D graphics and experience
in programming for Croquet. 


The residency is scheduled to begin in June 2005, and the seminar would
likely be in the third week of that month (though we are flexible).


The project will exploit the properties of subdivision surface geometry and
a variety statistical methods to recognize and segment out human-salient and
natural-language-categorizable features within a database of geometry so
that new topologies can be synthesized from their recombination. 


The proposed "Semantic Interface Layer" (SIL) will allow users to create a
rough sketch or template which will serve to aggregate the relevant features
from the geometry database, from which a hybrid geometry could be
synthesized, iteratively constraining and refining their model. Through this
process users will progressively channel their decisions towards ever more
precise design goals. I suspect it may be the case that a great deal of
precision can be gained through iteration of a very simple set of
procedures, through a combo of feature splicing and conventional modeling


We will release the source code under either the Croquet License or some
other Open source compliant license.


I need to find someone within the next week or so that I can name as a
consultant on a grant application that I am writing. Might you know someone
whom you could recommend to me, and/or would you be able to pass along this
email to someone whom you think might be appropriate? 



Matthew Sloly




Matthew Sloly









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