Kein Betreff

Sam Okt 13 18:28:47 UTC 2007

your own country and start collecting money and doing promotion

Then if there is really a need for a EU stuff we will look around. But use a
simple architecture first.

> Ok... Hmm... so we're back at "one european thingy".
> Does anybody know if there is something like a "Verein" on an EU-wide basis?
> The whole idea of a german organisation started because we were thinking
> about making it easy for corporations and individuals to donate money.
> Easy means: Like with everything else.
> If you want to raise money here in Germany, you need to be a "e.V."
> Think about it as an interface we need to implement.
> Of course having diferent legal entities does not mean that we're not
> working together: We are *one* community. There would be no point in
> not working together...
> The question is how to integrate the people from countries without
> a local organisation? Do we need an EU-based organsiation for that?
> Or could they join one of the other local organisations?
> Don't know... any other ideas?
> Marcus