[Squeak-ev] Once upon a time, in a code forest ...

stepken stepken at web.de
Mit Jul 15 03:05:25 UTC 2009

[That phrase made me think: "we will remove BookMorph because it is a 
giant huge terrible mess. Now if you want multimedia publishing or 
creation have you look at openSophie? Stef"]

... some funny looking dwarfs were busy removing code ...

That's like walking through a wonderful forest and randomly removing 
trees or branches, just because the aren't pretty enough or their 
"copyright" is unclear.

Now you have removed many trees in the forest and replaced them by 
perfectly looking houses. And you have chased away all that funny 
animals, that were living in that forest, playing around within that 
unperfect, wild nature, therefore being motivated to participate to help 
making wood glades or creating funny things ...

Now, thanks to some replacements of that old roots, the perfect looking 
houses can move as triple as fast in the wind, which even can blow much 
faster now, but the rest of the plants in this forest can't compete the 
wind, so it is planned to remove them completely.

And - yes, the copyright of those new houses is much clearer now. But 
the wild bear, the badger, the lynx, they still prefer to live in their 
old caves, giving a shit on who created them in former times, completely 
ignoring those nice and perfectly looking houses .... that - by the way 
- can be found everywhere else outside this forest - bigger, greater, 
much nicer looking and even storm proofed.

And the animals in this forest - being a bit sad about those happenings, 
they lived happily ever after, hopefully.

Have fun!

Tnx for reading, Guido Stepken