[Squeak-ev] Re: [squeakland] Join our first book sprint!

Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Fre Nov 20 19:52:53 UTC 2009

I just realised that not everyone on this list will be able to *edit*  
the wiki, so please send me an email and I will put your name on the  
list of participants!

Have a nice weekend,

Am 20.11.2009 um 16:10 schrieb Rita Freudenberg:

> Squeakland will it's first Book Sprint to create a Reference Manual  
> for Etoys! Please join us online during the week of December, 7 to  
> December12, 2009. The book will serve as
> - the manual you can look up every part of Etoys,
> - the documentation of what we commit to support in Etoys and
> - the starting point for other, more elaborate materials.
> For writing we intend to use FLOSS Manuals:
> http://en.flossmanuals.net/
> The manual will be available online (html and pdf format), and as a  
> real book per print-on-demand. It will be licensed under MIT, so  
> that we can also ship it within Etoys. We will work on it for a  
> whole week from December, 7th until December, 12th. At this point,  
> we are not planning a central in-person meeting, but the whole event  
> will take place virtually on the internet. We will chat on an irc  
> channel, and we will haveaudio chats every day to provide the  
> opportunity for a talk. Of course, if you can organize a local  
> meeting somewhere, that would be great!
> You can find more information at
> http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Book+Sprint
> We will examine if we really need all the objects we currently have  
> in the Etoys image. This documentation will be a list of all things  
> our users can expect to be working fine in Etoys, we should leave  
> out objects we will not support in terms of maintaining. That  
> doesn't mean we will remove it from Etoys, but we will not include  
> it in the documentation. So we really need developers to participate  
> at least in the first discussion on December, 7 at 2 pm EST (which  
> happens to be the time of the regular software meeting :).
> To join the sprint, please put your name on the wiki
> http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Book+Sprint
> Greetings,
> Rita
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