[SqueakDBX] Running the tests on Squeak 3.8.2 and MySQL 4

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Fri Oct 9 13:50:51 UTC 2009

Hello Mariano,

MMP> And for necessary sequence of
MMP> Table columns and indices :-((

MMP> I don't understand this. What do you mean ?

I don't understand this either :-))
But I had a lot of fighting with foreign keys until I found in the
documentation of MySql 4 that to use foreign keys that key must be
first column in the table and the sequence of keys is important too.

For example I had to change in DBXMySQL4Facility>>addTestScripts

        id_student INTEGER,
        signature_code INTEGER,
        id_course INTEGER,
        starting_date DATE,
        CONSTRAINT pk_courses_id_course PRIMARY KEY (id_student, signature_code)
) TYPE = InnoDB '.

BTW when I'm finished I suggest that this is generally changed if
MySql 5 doesn't hiccup on the sequence of fields in the table.

So I do not need special cases for the tests which now fail due to the
changed sequence.

We can discuss that, when you have the mcz from me.

BTW 71 green :-))

MMP> So...please, go ahead :)



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