[SqueakDBX] Problems at first go on SqueakDBX

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Sep 26 23:15:55 UTC 2009


MMP> uffff  I am really sorry. I read the other way. You are totally correct.
never mind. I'm older so I've made more mistakes than you :-))

MMP> Wait a moment....you are using MySQL client libraries form
MMP> 5.0 to connect to a MySQL 4 server ???
Yes. Because mysql didn't start with mysql 5. I was quite sure they
would be backwards compatible.

BTW in
under Environment we see OpenDBX also used this configuration.

MMP> is that possible ? or you also migrate your database to a 5.0 ?
No. Nobody would pay for it. And I would not guarantee that each of
the old programs would work with mysql 5.

MMP> Yeah, it would be better if you ask in OpenDBX mailing
MMP> list. But please, don't talk in German!! I won't understand a
MMP> single word ;)
I promise ;)

MMP> which DNU here ? the one of the sql_mode ?
no. In my case result is a DBXResultSet (because I sent select from)
and rowsAffected is implemented in DBXResult. In the wiki result is
returned by a delete sql statement which maybe returns a DBXResult.

All is stated correctly on the wiki but I just skimmed the text and
only read the example. My bad.

It just felt naturally to ask how big my result set would be before
loading it into Squeak with rows. But it is explained nicely in

BTW after I first noticed few class comments I am now very pleased by
the many detailed method comments! They will help a lot.

MMP> result columnDescriptions explore gives DBXTypeNotSupported (see png)
MMP> for timestamp and text  (see mysqlcc.png).

MMP> No, sorry :(   You cannot use timestamp. You have to use DATETIME :(
MMP> I am sorry but that's OpenDBX. Read:
MMP> http://www.linuxnetworks.de/doc/index.php/OpenDBX/DBMS_Datatypes#Temporal_types
MMP> I hope this not to be a big problem for you.
I think it's not a problem because the returned values are correct.
SqueakDBX lives happily in the same image as the native driver so I
can compare results from both drivers. Maybe I get problems when I
change records but as you have noticed by now the databases are kind
of holy cows and I will not touch them.

MMP> BTW there was a typo on the Wiki the last "s" in columnDescriptions
MMP> was missing.

MMP> Sorry. I couldn't find it. Where is it ?
I had already corrected it.

MMP> So basically it seems I'm fine, for the next nextRow gives a
MMP> reasonable next row.

MMP> I go through the
MMP> Wiki examples and report problems here and correct typos as I
MMP> encounter them.

MMP> That would be VERY helpful for us and we will really appreciate that.
My pleasure.

MMP> I will investigate the "unknown system variable".

MMP> Are you referring to " In both cases, you must have
MMP> installed your database client library first. " ??

MMP> Ok. However I already edited the wiki with your comments: 

MMP> http://squeakdbx.smallworks.com.ar/Compiling%20and%20installing%20OpenDBX
Hey, somehow I completely missed this because you put so much on the
Squeak swiki. I always referred to the swiki when I wrote wiki.

Ok now bedtime, 1 hour past midnight here.


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