[SqueakDBX] SqueakDBX and MSSQL server

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 19:14:30 UTC 2010

2010/8/21 Herbert König <herbertkoenig at gmx.net>

> Hi,
> i read through the list archives to find out how to connect to a MSSQL
> server under Win XP.
> Which dlls do I need?
Hi Norbert. For EACH database you need to connect from windows you need two

- libopendbx-1.dll
- libXXXbackend-1.dll

For each backend, you change the XXX for your database. For example, in your
case it is libmssqlbackend-1.dll

So..you need libmssqlbackend-1.dll and libopendbx-1.dll

All dlls can be found in OpenDBX website from here:

Direct link:

For knowing how to install OpenDBX in general, read:


> From my MySQL experiments I know that I need the backend dll which I
> took out of a mail from Mariano (Hi Mariano, how are you?) and a client dll
> from MS.
> Some mails suggest I also need the freeTDS library but the website
> says freeTDS is for Linux.
> So where to get the TDS library (if necessary) and what's the name of
> MS client library?

You need to download the binaries (dlls) for the TDS library.

> As our ERP system uses ODBC to access MS SQL server and SqueakDBX also
> has a class DBXOdbcMSSQLFacility maybe it's easier to go through ODBC?
> Speed is not an issue, I expect no more than a few 1000 elements in
> any result set.

Exactly. There are 2 possibilities:

Use MSSQL backend (which uses TDS) or ODBC backend.

You can try also with the SqueakDBX ODBC backend or...directly use the
Squeak ODBC driver (and not use SqueakDBX nor OpenDBX at all)

Diogenes few weeks ago was trying to use MSSQL from windows...I don't
remember what happened. Diogenes?

> Also which port to use to connect to MSSQL?
> I welcome every suggestion.
> Cheers,
> Herbert
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