[SqueakDBX] Re: [squeak-dev] How to install Glorp

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 22:28:24 UTC 2010

In pharo:

Gofer new
    squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfGlorpDBX';

and then

(ConfigurationOfGlorpDBX project version: '1.2') load
will install SqueakDBX as the database driver and Glorp-SqueakDBXDriver

(ConfigurationOfGlorpDBX project version: '1.2') load: 'GlorpSqueakDBX Pool'

will install SqueakDBX as the database driver and a Glorp-SqueakDBXDriver
that acts as a connection pool :)     (altought this only works in 1.0 right

(ConfigurationOfGlorpDBX project version: '1.2') load: 'All with PostgreSQL
will install the native postgresql driver



BTW: you can find more info here (but it is outdated):

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 12:19 AM, Germán Arduino <garduino at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Squeakers and Pharoers:
> Even when I saw several mails about the topic, I failed to install
> Glorp properly, on Squeak (4.1) and also on Pharo (4.1).
> No matter what method I try, or which Glorp .mcz, I allways get the
> attached error, referencing some weird oracle thing.
> I'm new to Glorp, I might be forgetting something obvious, but in any
> case, any help is appreciated
> Thanks.
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