[SqueakDBX] MSSQL, selecting nvarchar (other types too) field causes DBXTypeNotSupported.

Diogenes Moreira diogenes.moreira at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 15:10:10 UTC 2011

the MSSQLPlatfom use FreeTDS,  and you need config it,


in the previos url explain FreeTds for linux, but the configurations
steps apply for windows too.

freetds.conf must be in the path (same as dll).

play attencion on SqlServer connection config.. the server must bu
enable TCP protocol and dual authentication.. If you need more support
please tell me.

Sorry for my english..

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 11:10 AM, Miguel Sanchez
<mikey.sanchez at gmail.com> wrote:
> BTW Diogenes, this is what I was using to connect to the DB using
> DBXMSSQLPlatform
> | conn connectionSettings result select aRow counter|
>    connectionSettings := DBXConnectionSettings
>                host: ''
>                port: '1433'
>                database: 'LanceNG'
>                userName: 'mike'
>                userPassword: 'mike'.
> conn  := DBXConnection platform: DBXMSSQLPlatform new settings:
> connectionSettings.
> conn connect.
> conn open.
> I get DBXRecoverableError Connecting to server failed.
> I have the following dlls in pharo.exe directory.
> libmssqlbackend-1.dll
> libopendbx-1.dll
> libopendbxplus-1.dll
> (there are others but I don't think I need anything else.)
> Miguel
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