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We are really happy to announce that ESUG will sponsor us once again through
the ESUG Summer Talk project. This means that we have reached the ESUG
expectations and that they still think that relational database access is an
important matter in Smalltalk.

One important thing is that we are going to rename the project (we are still
working on it) since SqueakDBX runs not only in Squeak but also in Pharo,
and there have been even ports to Dolphin. What's the reason for this
decision? Because we do not want to couple ourselves to a smalltalk dialect
nor to OpenDBX, because our project is much more than that (later I will
tell you about our plans). So, these are some of the possible names:
ObjectPark, SmallParking, Parktalk, SmallValet, Valetalk, ValetST,
NorayTalk, Ballard, Noray and Cruise. Please let us know which one is your
favourite or help us find a new one.

Another important subject is the team. There will be three "mentors",
Esteban Lorenzano, Diogenes Moreira and myself, Mariano Martinez Peck; and
three students: Guillermo Polito, Nicolas Scarcella and Santiago Bragagnolo.

We are open to suggestions and ideas. In addition, we have defined a
possible list of actions that I copy at the end of the email.

For the moment, the url remains www.squeakdbx.org and the mailing list
squeakdbx at lists.squeakfoundation.org

Once again, we want to thank ESUG for their support and trust.

Thank you very much,

SqueakDBX team

Possible list of actions:

1) Change SqueakDBX’s name.

2) Update GLORP version since the actual one is 3 years old.

Port it again from VisualWorks, create a VW porting tool (may be).
Complete support to Glorp.  Today it works with PostgreSQL, Oracle and
MySQL.  Make it work with most databases OpenDBX supports.

3) Create a lightweight solution, alternatively to GLORP.  There are some

Make SqueakSave work with SqueakDBX.  SqueakSave developers already
contacted us because they wanted to do it. SqueakSave seems to be 20% slower
than Glorp but you don't need to write the mappings :)
Adapt Ramon Leon's active record to use an abstract database driver, and
create a driver for SqueakDBX.
Port the new Glorp’s kind of active record to Pharo. (included in 2).

4) Write a Pharo By Example 2 chapter based on the card game Stef built ;).

5) Cog compatibility.

6) Use Alien instead of FFI.
Eliot is working on a threaded CogVM. One of the projects of the GSoC of
this year was to make something similar to a threaded FFI. What the student
did is a modification in Alien (I think) that can be run in a multithreaded
envirorment. He worked with Eliot. The idea is when Eliot releases the
threaded CogVM, this FFI would work our of the box, and would avoid locking
the WHOLE vm while a C function is being invoked (as it happens today with
FFI).....So....when that VM is released, we MUST migrate to that).

7) Explore performance issues (maybe with our approach of "In thread
execution plugin").

8) Complete integration with OpenDBX. For example, Oracle, for large objects
(Clob, Blob, etc) use specific functions. There are specific functions in
OpenDBX that have to be used if the database uses specific functions (oracle
is the only one for the moment.). We don't manage those functions yet.

9) In this link http://www.squeakdbx.org/Targets%20and%20Features
You can see a list of future possible features like Connection pooling (now
it is done!), Prepared statement interface, Store procedures, Escape and
avoid of SQL insertion, Authentication support: extends to other methods,
not only user/password, Full text support, etc.
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