[Squeakfoundation]Process for volunteering (was Re: Concrete SqF projects)

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Fri, 15 Jan 1904 01:31:09 -0500

Is there a process for volunteering for projects (and mini-projects)?  I've
noticed that there hasn't been much volunteering yet, although this may be
partly because we're still discussing the content of possible projects.

I suppose the lack of volunteers for particular projects may give us clues as
to which projects may require some funding. :)

On Fri, 25 May 2001 09:19:18 +0200 Andreas.Raab@gmx.de wrote:

>In addition to these projects we may think about a few others.
> ...
>* Write and post a monthly "Mini Squeak FAQ" to the mailing list
>For one thing, this FAQ would help many beginners to find information faster
>(all the mini FAQ has to provide is pointers to URLs answering the
>questions). For another thing it could be "brought to you by the
>Squeakfoundation" thus raising the visibility of the SqF and establish
>it as a central and known entity in Squeakland.

In any case, I had some mild interest in volunteering to work on the above
item.  (I wouldn't mind a co-volunteer if anyone else were interested... I
guess it depends on whether this would really just be a mini-FAQ or a more
complete Squeak FAQ.)

I suppose a logical next step in volunteering for a project like this would be
to set up a page on the SqF wiki to discuss the basic content of the project
and how to implement it...?

- Doug Way