[Squeakfoundation]It Takes A Community

Cees de Groot squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:32:22 +0200

> Apache is focused on a 
> product which I don't think suites the SqF [...]

Well, it seems that nowadays Apache is working on a whole range of products, 
of which the webserver is just one. It is telling that www.apache.org is now 
about the Apache Foundation, and that you need to go to httpd.apache.org to 
learn about their "HTTPD product"...

> - I think we need a leader at the top of the meritocracy and the only [...]
> -  We need a community that is prepared to work WITHOUT money which is [...]

Twice agreed. At the very least, I can offer hosting to the SqF so there goes 
an important money drain.

> -  A Squeak community needs to encourage diversity so I think it is [...]

That has a serious "need for a Chaordic organizational process" smell to it. I 
like the process a lot and have some experience with it (Sun's Jini Community 
is applying it, and I had the honour to work in its Technical Oversight 
Committee during the last year). It's a tough process and really needs some 
motivated people to get it going, but the end result will be much better and 
far more suited to the kind of diversity you are describing. In fact this was 
one of the bigger reasons to use this process for the Jini Community, to 
create a structure that could support heterogeneous members with varying 

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