[Squeakfoundation]It Takes A Community

Tim Rowledge squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:42:52 -0700

Cees de Groot wrote:

> Don't worry, Tim, I run such a company and the SqF won't need to pay us for
> that (at least not until it starts eating /major/ parts of our bandwidth, at
> which time I think it won't be very hard to find some sponsors). I've got a
> development/emergency backup server already running Swiki's
> (swiki.cdegroot.com/squeakfoundation) and if there's a serious effort around a
> Squeak Foundation, there's no problem in moving that to our production
> machines (IBM servers with lots of RAID arrays, 24x7 pagers and other
> impressive thingies ;-)).
Excellent news. Thank you for such a generous offer.

Guess that all we need now is to raise the million dollars a year so the
foundation can license the logo from me :-)