[Squeakfoundation]OK, what exactly should this SqueakFoundation thing be and do?

Randal L. Schwartz squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
25 Apr 2001 06:27:35 -0700

>>>>> "Dwight" == Dwight Hughes <dwighth@ipa.net> writes:

Dwight> The SqueakFoundation should be a single, easily found, responsive,
Dwight> reliable, up-to-date point of contact and information for most things
Dwight> Squeak; should act as an organizing entity to sift out the best of the
Dwight> Squeak world and present it in a well-structured, easily accessed and
Dwight> understood form; and should create content as necessary to achieve
Dwight> this.

I didn't get any feedback from the Sq list about having SqF be funded
as a committee under Yet Another Society (YetAnother.org), already
established as a 501-3-c with a compatible charter, and with a board
that has already expressed enthusiasm about having SqF participate.

So, can I get some feedback here?

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