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Paul Fernhout squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Wed, 25 Apr 2001 22:37:18 -0400

On the Wiki at:


I found this first draft of a purpose Cees put there and thought I would
add it to this thread.

> Quoting Dwight Hughes: [create] from the mailing list:
> The SqueakFoundation should be a single, easily found, responsive, 
> reliable, up-to-date point of contact and information for most things 
> Squeak; should act as an organizing entity to sift out the best of the 
> Squeak world and present it in a well-structured, easily accessed and 
> understood form; and should create content as necessary to 
> achieve this.

Let's think about this. Why? Why is it worth doing the above? (I'm not
saying it's not worth doing, I'm just asking us to look at the deeper
purpose behind such an activity.)

As it is, the above statement is a very "Squeak" oriented purpose in the
sense of being a non-profit ParcPlace/Digitalk/ObjectShare/Cincom of
Squeak based on the work of volunteer developers (so, perhaps Cincom
crossed with RedHat for Squeak). 

While laudable (and I think worth doing as a set of projects), it
doesn't for me quite meet the chaordic criterion of "If we could achieve
that, my life would have meaning."

Perhaps we need to think more deeply about why Alan Kay and Dan Ingalls
and the rest at Xerox Parc invented Smalltalk in the first place?

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Paul Fernhout wrote:
> This thread is intended to discuss the purpose of the Squeak Foundation
> along the lines of the chaordic design process described at:
>   http://www.chaordic.org/what_des.html
> (and which Cees has participated in related to Sun's JINI).