Paul Fernhout squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:20:41 -0400

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> PS:  I have a favor to ask:
> To look at the old messages, I have to use the archive.  
> If it would be easy for any of you to forward all the messages to me,
> then I could read them in my normal mail system.  If any of you 
> would be willing to do this, please send a message *to me*, 
> and I'll confirm back (to avoid everyone forwarding N copies 
> of all the messages).  Thanks

I assume by "use the archive" you are referring to reading the archive
through the web pages.

For reference, when I joined this list there were already about a dozen
messages. I ended up downloading the full raw archive as single file
from this page:
and found I could import it directly into Netscape under Windows (after
renaming the extension "mbox" to "mbx"). [I actually didn't expect it
would work, but it did.] Perhaps you can do something similar with
whatever mail system you use if it supports importing? The advantage to
this approach is the mail headers are left as if you had received the
mail directly, making it easy to reply directly to a specific email,
preserving thread continuity. 

By the way, great mail manager system, Cees.

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