[Squeakfoundation]Process for volunteering (was Re: Concrete SqF projects)

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Fri, 01 Jun 2001 02:30:11 -0400

Cees de Groot wrote:
> dway@riskmetrics.com said:
> > Is there a process for volunteering for projects (and mini-projects)?
> Probably the easiest way is to announce the project as being a project on the
> Swiki front page and put your name on the page behind it. Like the Camp
> Smalltalk project pages, I guess.

Alright, I set up a link on the SqF Swiki front page for this FAQ/Mini-FAQ project, and included some content for discussion on the page.  Feel free to add comments to the page.  (Or just discuss here, and I'll try to summarize on the page.)

Hopefully, this may get the ball rolling for a few other projects which could be listed on the Swiki.  (Although I don't think it's worth creating a project page unless someone has volunteered to be the organizer for the project... the last thing we need is a bunch of orphaned project pages.)

- Doug Way