[Squeakfoundation]An architecture for sustainable Squeaking

Bob Hartwig squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Mon, 04 Jun 2001 11:12:56 -0500

>>Last time I looked, the Squeak port wasn't fun(ctioning). I tried in the
>>StSq prerelease, and extract method (the smoke test) doesn't work. First
>>codePane wasn't set to the TextMorph, after fixing that manually. The
>>refactoring itself asserted in a case that should have worked.
>>You're saying this should work?

The entire engine is working and tested, both in a vanilla Squeak 2.7
image, and in the StSq image.  There are a few minor problems with getting
the SUnit suite to greenlight in Squeak 3.1 alpha, but that's almost there

The UI is a different story.  Mark Schwenk, Michael Hewner, Doug Way, and I
have done quite a bit of chipping away at the UI as we've found the time,
overriding Browser (see the RB class, or evaluate RB openBrowser ) and
shoehorning the refactorings one at a time.  We've implemented a Smalllint
shell (evaluate LintDialog open).  We have also implemented rudimentary
editors for the BrowserEnvironments, so you can see the results of
Smalllint runs, but they are a bit cheesy.

So the RB works, but it's integration with the browser isn't complete yet.
I noticed that a few things that were working in vanilla Squeak (BTW, what
is our term for non-StSq Squeak?) are broken in StSq.  Extract method was
one of them.  Mark Schwenk and I will likely be cleaning these things up in
due time.