[Squeakfoundation]Squeak FAQ project (was: Process for volunteering)

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 18:26:07 -0400

Thanks for your input.  (Sorry for not responding earlier, but I'm in the
middle of a vacation and checking my email infrequently...)

I generally agree with your points.  This would split FAQ maintainance into=
couple of categories... 1. maintaining the mini-FAQ and posting it to the l=
regularly, and 2. maintaining (and possibly refactoring) the full-size FAQ =
the Swiki.

The mini-FAQ would mostly be brief answers with pointers to more informatio=
and also organizational questions and answers.  The full-size Swiki FAQ wou=
have more detail, as it is now (although it is probably in need of some

So anyway, for now I'll plan on just working on the mini-FAQ.  I'm not goin=
to volunteer to maintain/refactor the full-size FAQ on the Swiki, as that
could be a considerable effort, but if anyone else would like to volunteer =
help with that (or the mini-FAQ), that would be great.

If maintaining two different types of FAQs turns out to cause confusion or =
a problem, they could be merged at a later time.  (One possibility would be=
include all the questions but not the answers from the full-size FAQ in the

I'll update the SqF Swiki with this info.

- Doug Way

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001 18:37:00 +0200 Joern.Eyrich@brokat.com (J=F6rn Eyrich)

>Doug Way wrote:
>> Alright, I set up a link on the SqF Swiki front page for this FAQ/Mini-F=
>project, and included some content for discussion on the page.  Feel free =
>add comments to the page.  (Or just discuss here, and I'll try to summariz=
>on the page.)
>Your discussion points:
>* Should the thing posted monthly to the Squeak list be a Mini-FAQ or
>a regular full-size FAQ?
>I think it should be only a small FAQ.
>* Should the monthly post include answers in the text of the post, or
>links to answers?
>the mini faq should have answers, where I think that most of the
>questions will be of the kind "where do I find out more about...", so
>most of the answers are in essence pointers. Actually, the posting
>could just be "The FAQ is at http:/whatever".
>* ... automatically copy the current Squeak FAQ from the Squeak Swiki
>and post that monthly. ...
>well, that could work if minnow is up at the moment the script runs...
>I think the main work is just to skim the FAQ regularly and see if it
>is still correct. And that could just as easily been done on minnow.
>Another task maybe to "refactor" the FAQ, making sure related things
>are near each other, that newbies easily find answers to their
>essential questions without drowning in advanced topics (e.g. looking
>for "how do I get it to run", but only finding things like "what does
>this obscure BitBlt mode do"....)
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