[Squeakfoundation]Off topic: reading the consolidated messages

Dan Ingalls squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 18:14:23 -0700

Paul Fernhout <pdfernhout@kurtz-fernhout.com> wrote...
>I assume by "use the archive" you are referring to reading the archive
>through the web pages.
>For reference, when I joined this list there were already about a dozen
>messages. I ended up downloading the full raw archive as single file
>from this page:
>  http://lists.cdegroot.com/pipermail/squeakfoundation/

Yes, I did that too.

>and found I could import it directly into Netscape under Windows (after
>renaming the extension "mbox" to "mbx"). [I actually didn't expect it
>would work, but it did.] Perhaps you can do something similar with
>whatever mail system you use if it supports importing?

Sad to say, my slightly dated Eudora doesn't seem to.  I did go through the=
 analogous exercise of making its Mac file types identical to another=
 message list

>The advantage to
>this approach is the mail headers are left as if you had received the
>mail directly, making it easy to reply directly to a specific email,
>preserving thread continuity.=20

Yes, I understand.  That's what I want.  Is it possible that your Netscape=
 can forward a group of messages, hint, hint?

No wait.  You would have done that if you could.

I'll use, um, er... Squeak!

=46ire up Celeste, import the file, oh, boo.  Walkback after 17 messages. =
 But 17 messages -- hey it almost works.  Debug, debug, try again.  Bingo it=
 works!  Of course I should be using Celeste anyway, but I'm addicted to a=
 couple of features of Eudora (mainly running it while Squeak is busy doing=
 something else, but that's another story, right?).

So now, let's export them, fire up Eudora, and... it works!!
I'll put out a fix soon.

Thanks for not just forwarding them.

	- Dan