[Squeakfoundation]Off topic: reading the consolidated messages

Jimmie Houchin squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Wed, 02 May 2001 05:28:52 -0500

For posterity and other Mac users this is what I did on my wife's Mac to
see how it would work. I haven't regularly used a Mac in over a year
since I built my Linux machine. I still get to be tech support. :)

Close Eudora before proceding.
I downloaded the SqueakFoundation archive, the big mbox into the
Disk/System Folder/Mail Folder. Since I do not have resedit on this
machine I simply selected and duplicated the In box. Drag the In box
copy onto BBEdit or TexEdit (my wife's favorite) select all text and
delete. Drag the SqueakFoundation mailbox onto BBEdit select all text
and copy. Paste into In box copy and save. Rename the In box copy to
whatever you pick. Open Eudora. All should be well. You'll have to set
the unread property.

This worked on my wife's Eudora 4.x Pro.

Jimmie Houchin

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Paul Fernhout <pdfernhout@kurtz-fernhout.com> wrote...
> >I assume by "use the archive" you are referring to reading the archive
> >through the web pages.
> >
> >For reference, when I joined this list there were already about a dozen
> >messages. I ended up downloading the full raw archive as single file
> >from this page:
> >  http://lists.cdegroot.com/pipermail/squeakfoundation/
> Yes, I did that too.
> >and found I could import it directly into Netscape under Windows (after
> >renaming the extension "mbox" to "mbx"). [I actually didn't expect it
> >would work, but it did.] Perhaps you can do something similar with
> >whatever mail system you use if it supports importing?
> Sad to say, my slightly dated Eudora doesn't seem to.  I did go through the analogous exercise of making its Mac file types identical to another message list
> >The advantage to
> >this approach is the mail headers are left as if you had received the
> >mail directly, making it easy to reply directly to a specific email,
> >preserving thread continuity.
> Yes, I understand.  That's what I want.  Is it possible that your Netscape can forward a group of messages, hint, hint?
> No wait.  You would have done that if you could.
> I'll use, um, er... Squeak!
> Fire up Celeste, import the file, oh, boo.  Walkback after 17 messages.  But 17 messages -- hey it almost works.  Debug, debug, try again.  Bingo it works!  Of course I should be using Celeste anyway, but I'm addicted to a couple of features of Eudora (mainly running it while Squeak is busy doing something else, but that's another story, right?).
> So now, let's export them, fire up Eudora, and... it works!!
> I'll put out a fix soon.
> Thanks for not just forwarding them.
>         - Dan